A Brief but Earnest Human Interaction

Before I go off to bed for the night, a little something from my DayOne journal earlier today:

12-17-2013 Journal Entry

While I was out on my run today, I had something happen that, despite it’s seemingly minor nature, made me feel really good.
Lately as I’ve been going out on my running route down to Balboa Park and back up, I’ve been crossing paths with a blonde haired girl that runs through the area around the same time I usually go. The few times I’ve come across her, it’s been along the same path, one of us passing the other as we make our way through the park. Tonight, she happened to be coming in the opposite direction I was heading. As we drew near, she recognized me and stuck out her arm, open palm facing forward. I reciprocated in kind, and we gave each other a quick high-five as we ran past each other without ceding momentum.
Being able to get a feeling of camaraderie from a stranger you’ve never exchanged a single word with — isn’t life grand?

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