Smoking (as in “,Quitting”)

It’s bad for you. Common sense, right? Hard to believe that I’ve had this habit for almost 10 years now. The irony about this is that I used to be so vehemently opposed to smoking as child, to the point where I would insert toothpicks in the center of all of my Mom’s cigarettes in a vain effort to dissuade her from the habit. I first started smoking back in my high school days when I found out about the existence of Djarum clove cigarettes. I stuck with those delightful cylindrical flavor bombs until recently, when Obama signed a bill that rendered the sale of all flavored cigarettes (save menthol, of course) illegal. At the time, I figured that I would be force to drop the habit, since I never cared for the taste of normal cigarettes. Then, Chris introduced me to the menthol cigarette. It wasn’t nearly as good as my beloved cloves, but it wasn’t too terrible and it got the job done.

In part of my redefinition of my life, I had determined that I can’t continue with this habit. It’s both extremely detrimental to my health, and counterproductive to all of my goals. I downloaded the Livestrong quitting coach app for the iPhone a while back. However, I didn’t write or post about it, as doing so would legitimize a commitment to seeing it through. Now, it’s a must.


The app is not only very well designed and responsive, but also extensively featured considering it has a pretty streamlined and simple focus. It’s got a nice customizable motivational home screen, detailed tracking, and taking a page from Xbox Live, ACHIEVEMENTS! That’s right: quitting smoking is now like a game. A very fucking stressful and challenging game.

So, without further ado, my customized quitting plan:


<p>I’d say wish me luck, but I’ve got unshakable determination on my side.

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: An Update

First, some math:

239 lbs – current weight
160 lbs – goal weight
79 lbs – difference between current & goal weight
39.5 – number of weeks it’ll take to lose the difference at a rate of 2 lbs per week
9.8  – number of months it’ll take to lose the difference at a rate of 2 lbs per week
I’ve clearly got my work cut out for me. Since my last update, I haven’t been doing as much as I can. That said, I have been easing myself into both dieting and incorporating physical activity into my days. I think I’ve finally hit the point where my body is retrained and resilient enough to engage in physical activity on a routine basis without having something as simple as running a mile result in extreme soreness the next day. I’ve also been cooking healthy foods instead of relying on buying food. I haven’t quite nailed down what my exact tracking methods are going to be, but I have been experimenting. So, here’s my report for 04/05/2011:

What I ate:

ScreenClip [1]

What I Did


My bike ride to the gym



What I did at the gym. Twice.


p align=”left”>So tonight, about 924 calories were burned. My basal metabolic rate (calories burned by merely being a living person) is currently 2079 calories per day. So…guess that means I did really well today, huh? Smile

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Measurement Monday


Height 5’ 10”
Goal Weight 160
Day # 1
Date: 03/21/2011
Neck 17.5
Upper Arm (Left) 13
Upper Arm (Right) 13.25
Chest 45.5
Diaphragm 45.5
Waist 44
Abdomen 46.5
Hips 44
Upper Thigh (Left) 25.5
Upper Thigh (Right) 25.5
Calf (Left) 16.75
Calf (Right) 16.75
Total Inches 353.75
Total Inches Lost
Weight 242 lbs.
Weight Lost to Date
BMI 34.72
Change in BMI
Goal Distance 82 lbs.


(Edited for content: the point is to show off my disgusting gut, not my junk)

IMG_0845          IMG_0855
Front                                                         Back

IMG_0848          IMG_0850

Right Angled                                                Right     

IMG_0852          IMG_0854

Left Angled                                                 Left       



The only haircut I’m allowed to have


The jawline and hairstyle I look forward to having again

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Back on Track

It’s funny how time manages to fly by. While it seems like my last entry on this blog was fairly recent, the timestamps on the posts show me that it’s been almost a month since I updated. This most recent week I’ve been out of commission recovering from an intense workout I had with my friend Andy on 03/10. Now that I can do basic things such as getting out of bed and using the toilet without having my entire upper body screaming at me in pain, I feel it’s time to really stoke the fire on this. I’ve got more than enough tools to get the job done (as outlined in a previous post). I’ve admittedly haven’t done much to further my progress on this matter. Sure, there’s been some bike rides and trips to the gym, but I haven’t been focused and dedicated at all.

On my most recent trip to the gym, I weighed in. The number was higher than I anticipated. I’m at 242 lbs., dangerously close to the old 250+ range from back in my high school days. One of my goals with blogging about this is to weed through the different apps available for the iOS platform in order to find the ones that work for me, and maybe help anyone out there who stumbles upon this blog in getting on board with a positive lifestyle change. One of them is one of the most popular apps available on the app store, LoseIt. I’ve explored the app, and like it as a weight tracking tool and calorie budget manager. It has exercise logging capabilities, which I haven’t fully explored and will have to delve into in depth in a full-on app review somewhere down the line. I put in my current weight and goal weight, and the app has generated a daily calorie budget which calculates me hitting goal weight by the end of this year. This is something I’m very much looking forward to bringing to fruition.

photo 1 photo 2



p>That about covers things for now. Tomorrow, I’m taking starting measurements and photos. In the mean time, I’m going to do some reading on workout routines and start formulating plans. Here we go!

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Gearing Up

The last time I meant to set out and achieve physical fitness, I wrote one big snapshot of a post at the time. Since I’m doing it incrementally, this post is going to focus on the tools I have at my disposal. Since then, I’ve added to my arsenal of workout equipment and tools, and since I’m going to be using them regularly, I figured I should write about them in depth.


 Photo Feb 26, 1 14 05 AM

Then : Now

Iron Gym Pull-up Bar

This was an awesome gift from my friend Justin, and I hate to admit its use has been minimal. One of my big goals is to build big arms: I constantly wish that I had biceps that were as impressive as my calf muscles. Out of all of the pieces of equipment I own, this is the one I dread the most. I have relatively no upper body strength, since I never work out my arms and always do cardio at the gym. My calves are in great shape considering how they are constantly support my corpulence when I move anywhere, but I don’t have any normal activity that targets my arms. Factor in that a pull-up is lifting your body mass (which I have a lot of) using your arm strength (which I have little of), and it’s easy to see why I’m not too crazy at the prospect of having to use this thing. I recently acquired a set of the ab-strabs to go with it, so now suspended abdominal work can be done in conjunction with the pull-up and tricep dips you can use this thing for right out the box.

Gold’s Gym Resistance Tube Set & Jump Rope

I bought this a few months ago as a supplement to the arm strength building I never got around to. It came with an instructional work-out DVD that I’ve never done, and will finally be getting to very soon. Long tubes, short tubes, a hook to anchor into a door frame, and a small circular band which I’ve yet how to properly use. I look forward to being able to say that they’re not enough one day.

Exercise Ball

This thing is so useful, both as a workout tool and a chair to use for “active sitting”, which I do at the office. The blue one I originally bought I found to be too big to use for working out, so I bought a smaller one that I’ve yet to give a go for push-ups and crunches. It came with a resistance band and a DVD, which just like the resistance tube one, I have yet to go through. I think that’ll be another thing I get to at the beginning of next week.

Perfect Push-Up

Another piece of equipment I picked up back in the day and hardly used. Since one of my main goals is arm strength, it’s going to be put into the active rotation too.

Ab Roller Wheel

I got this when a friend was staying with me and left it behind. I’ve attempted to use it a few times, and to be frank, it fucks my shit up. Therefore, I really like it and will be using it a lot in the coming days.

Gold’s Gym 8lb Medicine Ball

Got this as a gift from my uncle. Nifty, but I feel that the ways in which I use it aren’t really maximizing it’s potential. I need to do some more reading on how to properly integrate it into a workout.

iPod Nano & iPod Nano Exercise Arm Band

This has been a very useful piece of equipment, as I pretty much need music to maintain interest in physical activity when I engage in it. I bought this with the iPod nano itself for exercising purposes, since I’ve always had an aversion to risk sweat damaging my iPhone and have used my iPod on my runs & workouts instead. However, this may see a decline in use since I recently purchased…

iPhone 4 & Marware Sportshell for iPhone 4

I splurged on this since about three weeks prior I invested in an Uncommon case for my iPhone with custom art. However, I’ve come to realize that there are a variety of apps for the iPhone that make it an extremely valuable workout tool (which means I’ll also be writing reviews of the different apps I use). I was sold on it when I read the product description, and saw that it’s essentially a hardshell case that clips onto an armband, meaning that it’s kept away from the body while secured in place, thus eliminating the risk of sweating all over it and making it quick and easy to clip onto the armband, versus having to squeeze it into a holding pocket like I have to do with my iPod nano.

Sportline Heart Rate Monitor

I plan on regularly engaging on the activity that allowed me to ditch a load of my excess weight back in the old days: running. Thing is, I’m not a runner. My endurance is crap and it’s not exactly my favorite thing to do. As such, I want to maximize the efficiency I get out of doing it, and there’s no better way to ensure that than by having a watch and a matching chest strap that constantly monitors my heart rate and tells me when I need to push a little harder to get into my target zones. I also see myself using this at the gym, since the heart rate monitoring functions built into equipment such as cross trainers and treadmills have proven to be less than reliable.

40 lb Vinyl Dumbell Set

I forgot to include these in the new photo, but they exist. Did I mention building arm strength & muscle is a big goal for me now? These should serve as a nice interim until I can afford a nice metal weight set and a weight bench.

Gym Membership

24 Hour Fitness. I like having constant access to a gym, and the closest one is little over a mile away, easily accessible by foot and by bike (which I plan to buy in the near future). I go there for cardio on cross trainers, but will also be using it for access to heavy weights, along with the classes. I recently went to my first one since Chris has fallen in love with spin class. Also, my local one has a pool, and learning to swim is something I really want to do as well. No, I can’t swim; stay afloat and not drown, yes. Actively move through water with speed and direction? Not at all.


p align=”left”>I’ve been an expert procrastinator, one of those people that buys workout equipment and never uses it. With all the goodies I have, there’s no reason for me to stay fat, is there? Nope!

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Preparation

I’m re-launching my workout & exercise blogging again. Last time I did it, I went full throttle out of the gate and burned out pretty quick. The reality is that this is a lifestyle change that takes gradual adjustment. I’m taking a smarter approach to things this time around – I’m easing into it all, slowly developing physical activity as a routine that will stick rather than a temporary ambition. I’m starting with a simple yet critical aspect: mentality.
Currently, physical fitness is quite possibly the aspect of my life that draws most of my attention. To put it simply, I’ve really let myself go. Two years ago, I was actively exercising and in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a kid. This says a lot, because even then I wasn’t in shape. I used to be a normal child. Growing up, my mom cooked a lot of “rich” food, and my dad always delegated his nutritional responsibilities to me to the closest fast food eatery. These eating habits persisted until after I graduated high school, when I made the conscious decision to avoid fast food burger joints like the plague. I started running every morning, and managed to trim down a lot. As I persisted with my physical activity, I started achieving a normal body shape and a seriously amazingly defined jawline.

Me - 2005me2007


Me: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011

This past year, I gave in and caved to the pressures of my life, and stopped caring about myself in many aspects. Not in a depressive helpless way, just an indifferent one. I went back to bad eating habits, stopped exercising, even let go of my usual meticulous attention to how I look; I stopped my facial care regiment and groomed only as necessary.
Presently, I simply just don’t feel good. When I look into a mirror, I do not recognize myself. I’ve become a really heavy smoker, bordering on a pack a day. I constantly feel sick and bloated, and awkward when I move. I’ve lost my awesome jawline. I have a bunch of pants hanging in my closet that used to be in regular use, and now rotate between two tightly fitting pairs of pants that even a few months ago were loose. Much as I hate to admit it, my self-confidence has taken a hit, and I constantly feel like my body is limiting me and preventing me from living the kind of life I want to and should be living.
Now, I want my life back, and I want it to be better than it was. I more or less want to become a jock. I want to shed all of my excess body fat, I want to become a moderate athlete, I want to become proficient at activities such as rock climbing, biking, and gymnastics. I want to push this body to it’s true limit, and shape it into something impressive. I want to go out clubbing with my shirt off. In short, I want to be healthy and I want to be as attractive as possible. On my way there, I’m going to log and blog the process religiously.
On a closing note, yes, the majority of this post is recycled from an earlier entry. I decided to edit and repost it as it’s own, as the category I’m filing it and all other exercise related posts are essentially going to be a sub-blog.

Measurement Monday: The Start of a Diet & Exercise Shift

I am resurrecting a practice I once started to use awhile back that I called “Measurement Monday”. Now, I had already done this back in July right before I wiped all my accounts to a clean slate, so this might be redundant if the original post was read.  Now, As much as I’m excited and eager to do this, it’s a serious long term commitment that honestly intimidates me; Not only is the commitment aspect intimidating, but this particular practice introduces a risk of humiliation. “Measurement Mondays” aren’t just text updates of tables and numbers. I also plan to attach photographic documentation, and publicly posting revealing photographs when you’re not physically in shape is a pretty embarrassing prospect that can only be validated through change and progress. So I have to really be committed and reach my goals, or end up making quite a big fool of myself.
When I think of this project and all future posts under this “fitness” category, I wish I had an extremely defined plan, something that whatever few readers I get could not just follow, but also participate in.  However, I don’t have detailed knowledge when it comes to diet and exercise like a nutritionist would. I’m just going to go along with what I have, and document the progress. However, I do have a rather vague plan, and I’ll get to that later on.


Height 5’ 10”
Goal Weight 160
Day # 1
Date: 08/02/2010
Neck 17
Upper Arm (Left) 13
Upper Arm (Right) 13
Chest 44.5
Diaphragm 44
Waist 42
Abdomen 45
Hips 43
Upper Thigh (Left) 24.5
Upper Thigh (Right) 25
Upper Knee (Left) 17
Upper Knee (Right) 17.5
Calf (Left) 16.5
Calf (Right) 16.5
Total Inches 378.5
Total Inches Lost 0
Weight 232.6
Weight Lost to Date 0
Change in BMI 0
Goal Distance 0
100531-181400 100531-181401 100531-181403 100531-181505 100531-181507-0
More of me than anyone should ever have to see [Taken back in July 2010]


Right now, I’m at the heaviest I’ve been in two years. I’ve gained (what I’ve recently learned to be) more weight than I estimated over the past 6 months. My sleep schedule has also gotten way off track lately. I find myself staying awake into the late hours of the early morning, and waking up in the late mid-morning hours (around 11:30 – 12:00). When I wake up, I feel lethargic and tired for a good two hours after waking up. My energy levels are pretty low. My metabolic rate is abysmal. My circulation, I’ve learned by how easy my legs "fall asleep" when sitting cross-legged for a moderately short amount of time, is also really poor. Compounding this, my cigarette consumption has gone through the roof due to stress and boredom. I haven’t had an elevation to target heart rate since I last went to the gym about months ago. I feel my body yearning for exercise because I get really restless often, but mentally, it’s been so long without regular exercise that for some odd reason I find myself scared to engage in it, because of how badly I’m expecting to perform. I haven’t done any of my favorite things, like walking or dancing, in quite some time as well. Nutritionally, I’ve also been failing pretty hard. Due to the budgetary restraints imposed by unemployment, a lot of my diet lately has been consisting of cheap fast food and frozen processed foods, both of which are doing me absolutely no favors. Subsequently, bowel movements have been kind of infrequent and more often than not feel lackluster. Again, I blame what my diet has been mainly comprised of lately.


I’ve been preparing mentally to start working on my physicality, and also materially. Combined with equipment I already owned, my current resource pool is as follows:


  • Large Balance Ball
  • Perfect Pushup Handles
  • Iron Gym Pullup Bar
  • 8lb Medicine Ball
  • Ab Roller
  • Resistance Tube Set
  • Jump Rope
  • Light Resistance Band
  • Medium Resistance Band

Not pictured, I also have 4 750ml stainless steel water bottles, which I plan to drink at bare minimum three per day to meet the recommended daily water intake.
I’ve also recently acquired copies of the P90X DVD set. So for the first few weeks, I’m going to do running and combinations of the workout DVDs supplied with the balance ball and resistance tube set before graduating up to the P90X videos. Once i get other pending matters in my life squared away, I’ll renew my membership to 24 Hour Fitness and work fitness classes and gym time into the routine. Far as tracking goes, I’ve done my research on systems. On the web, there’s Spark People, Dailyburn, and Livestrong to name a few. On the iPhone, there’s also a range of apps, such as Lose It! and iFitness. After playing around with different interfaces, I’m going to attempt to use Spark People and iFitness, since they seem like the ones that’ll work best, and I’d rather hit a home run with my first picks than try ones that don’t work and have to waste time exporting data to another system.


Upon doing some more internet research, I’ve also determined a goal weight. Average ideal weight of people my age/height/weight/gender: 194 lbs Medical Recommendation: 132-174 lbs. Devine Formula: 161 lbs All the sources listed present quite a big range. Initially, I was just gonna take the average of the first two and eyeball it from there, but I like the Devine formula. 161 lbs sounds good, but considering my body type and frame, I think 165-170 is the target range. Other body specific goals:

  • Get rid of the gut, get some ab action going
  • Get my poor arms to match the bulk and tone of my calves (which are pretty boss, considering they carry the rest of me around)
  • Whittle down the mass of my thighs. They’re way too big.
  • Build some muscle in my ass. Shape and tone back there would be nice.
  • Have my back muscles well defined too

Performance specific goals:

  • Vastly improve time it takes to run a mile
  • Be able to do a set of handstand pushups
  • Increase flexibility. I have pretty awesome flexibility now, but I’d like it to be borderline gymnast status
  • Train body in basic tumbling and flips