The Slump

July so far has been a fairly poor month for me. The day after I wrote my last update, I started feeling a really strong jabbing pain along my right leg (or, in adherence to my little game of learning anatomy as I feel it in my training, my right iliotibial tract). I had a routine morning, but… Continue reading The Slump

Day 48

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted a complete measurement log update. In the time since that last update, I’ve gotten really bad about even doing the offline logging. Since I use an internet connected smart scale that logs my weight automatically, I’ve been largely deferring to that statistic. Admittedly, it’s been as demotivating… Continue reading Day 48

Workplace Motivation

Although I’ve still been dealing with some lingering ankle & knee pain, I’ve been able to get myself back to work on laying down more miles. Since last Thursday, I’ve been steadily running my usual 5 mile route and getting back to my lunch time walks/jogs with my co-worker. She herself has already started to… Continue reading Workplace Motivation

On Matters of Weight

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been missing my target “Measurement Monday” window to update the body stat tables and check in. Normally its something I give myself a lot of grief over, but out in real life, I’ve still been keeping up on “the work” and offline logging.   After spraining my ankle on… Continue reading On Matters of Weight

And On The Sixth Day

It’s been almost a week since the sprain I gave myself last Friday. Ever since I regained my ability to walk on Sunday night, I’ve been contemplating going out on my route and just “seeing how it goes”. All week, I’ve kept myself from doing so, choosing to be responsible and give my body adequate… Continue reading And On The Sixth Day

Rest/First-Aid Day

Ah, the pains of having to break in those new shoes. The 14.6 miles of activity (thanks for the metrics, RunKeeper) and casual day-long use over the past 3 days has earned me all sorts of fun sore spots downstairs. So, I think I’ll go ahead and stick a pin in the 5 mile route today, and tend… Continue reading Rest/First-Aid Day

New Shoes

Came to Sport Chalet for $35 replacement running shoes, getting two pairs of Adidas shoes $20 each at the Mission Valley tent sale. 🙂 — J. Lew (@thechexican) May 26, 2014 Score ^.^ — J. Lew (@thechexican) May 26, 2014