The Slump

July so far has been a fairly poor month for me. The day after I wrote my last update, I started feeling a really strong jabbing pain along my right leg (or, in adherence to my little game of learning anatomy as I feel it in my training, my right iliotibial tract). I had a routine morning, but …

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Day 48

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted a complete measurement log update. In the time since that last update, I’ve gotten really bad about even doing the offline logging. Since I use an internet connected smart scale that logs my weight automatically, I’ve been largely deferring to that statistic. Admittedly, it’s been as demotivating …

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New Shoes

Came to Sport Chalet for $35 replacement running shoes, getting two pairs of Adidas shoes $20 each at the Mission Valley tent sale. 🙂 — J. Lew (@thechexican) May 26, 2014 Score ^.^ — J. Lew (@thechexican) May 26, 2014