Weight Loss Project: The Big 100

After migrating from a self-hosted installation back onto wp.com, I’ve been tied up in other affairs (justifiably so, not just another manifestation of the productivity myth) to hammer out an update. Though I haven’t been on-point about updating, I’ve definitely been sticking to the work behind it. Thanksgiving week was expectedly gluttonous, and I ended… Continue reading Weight Loss Project: The Big 100

Doin' Stuff

Last update I made while I was sick over the weekend promised a run and a measurement log on Sunday. That obviously didn't end up happening, even though I really wanted it to. After forcing myself out of bed and into the office on Monday morning, I found myself feeling decent enough to get something… Continue reading Doin' Stuff

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Feelin' Fat & Lazy

I’m supposed to be exercising regularly and posting updates about it, but I haven’t. Two weeks ago, things were seemingly financially stable enough for me to give myself a small break from stretching every dollar and living the broke college student lifestyle. Last week I meant to get back to work, but I’ve fallen into… Continue reading Feelin' Fat & Lazy

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Sweet Sweet Progress

As covered in my previous post, last week was pretty terrible in terms of performance due to the blistering from all the running the week prior. Earlier this week on Monday, I went ahead and drained the blister before heading out on a run. When I returned, I was disappointed to find that the new… Continue reading Sweet Sweet Progress


Since this isn’t the first time I’ve set out to make a big lifestyle change, I think I can call this force of habit by now. Still, I always reason to myself that it’s good to write up a post like this to have a point of reference, the idea being that I want to… Continue reading Assessment