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Write On

With the active aim in mind to get this site closer to my idealized vision of it, I’ve been giving thought as to how to avoid the usual pitfall of declarative update and prolonged inactivity. The first and most pressing thought...

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Summer’s End

As I finally bring myself back to the blog to push an update, the landscape of reality differs a lot from where I envisioned things being at the start of the summer. First, there’s the situation on the global scale: the COVID...

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It’s been four days since the state of California officially “reopened”, the last state in the country to do so. I ended my day on the 14th with a looming sense of dread, that the removal of restrictions would see caution thrown...

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Preemptive Reflection

“Enact change,” I tell myself. Along with the primary tasks of keeping up with college curriculum and job seeking efforts in the recent days, I’ve been making the time to review old entries on this blog, updating structure on...

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It Actually Is Called Languishing

An article that I came across during my morning coffee-accompanied review of the morning digital newspaper caught my eye because of its use of the word I’d specifically chosen in my last post, and turned out to be very...

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A Kind of Somnambulism

It’s embarrassing how consistently surprised by the vast amounts of time that run between each update. This blog I pay a hosting plan and domain registration fee for is not treated anywhere near a priority as my old free...

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