Category: Self

Write On

With the active aim in mind to get this site closer to my idealized vision of it, I’ve been giving thought as to how to avoid the usual pitfall of declarative update and prolonged inactivity. The first and most pressing thought...

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And a Month Later

As I begin to write this many-times-deferred update, I’m surprised to find that we’re already at September’s end. Since my last update, I’ve been working at a small personal project I set for myself: to reconnect with my old...

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Turning Point

One train of thought that’s been running my mental railways hard lately is that of my perception. Not in the internal possessive sense, but the outwardly projected one: the impression I give off to others. It’s not new by any...

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Summer’s End

As I finally bring myself back to the blog to push an update, the landscape of reality differs a lot from where I envisioned things being at the start of the summer. First, there’s the situation on the global scale: the COVID...

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It’s been four days since the state of California officially “reopened”, the last state in the country to do so. I ended my day on the 14th with a looming sense of dread, that the removal of restrictions would see caution thrown...

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