Course Correction

Weight Loss Graph
Animated graph over 4 days of smart eating and running 5.2 miles.

With the perpetually delayed upswing that I’ve been constantly seeking for over 8 months now underway, I’ve been really pushing myself to get back on track with all of my projects. As demonstrated above, I’ve been unable to undo almost all of the 10 lbs (I weighed 195 in December ’13) I gained over 2 sedentary and gluttonous winter months. I managed to complete a 20 mile week in four days, in spite of being sick since Tuesday the 18th. I broke the chain yesterday because the chest and sinus congestion coupled with the muscle soreness demanded I rest. I’m putting off actively engaging in strength building and weight lifting/body weight exercises, since I’m more focused on burning fat and recovery days for muscle growth are days without cardio. As a compromise, I’ve been doing it lightly to encourage some muscle growth and toning while consciously trying to stay in a running-capable state.
I find this progress very motivational. In spite of my physiological circumstances, I invented a figurative “warrior” mentality for myself to adopt, and I’ve been sticking to it. What I thought was going to take four weeks to accomplish I did in only one, which excites me to see the difference in where I actually find myself in a month from now keeping at this pace. Physically, I haven’t noticed a visual difference in my form below the waist, but I can definitely say it feels different down there. Where before my legs felt like giant flesh stumps I had to fight to get to work together and serve their purpose, now I feel like they’re always ready and willing to get moving.
As much as I look forward to the end goal, the form that I end up carving out of my current self through hard work and physical training, I admit I’m enjoying the journey itself. It’s the part that people generally hate, the part where the actual work has to be done. However, right the right mental outlook, it can be so liberating and empowering it becomes a need that demands to be satisfied with the intensity of an addiction.