Fitness: The Week in Review

This week, I’ve found myself in the old pitfall of putting off updates for the sake of “productivity”. I intended for this week to be a highly active and progressive one, but ended up stalling out after Monday. After getting home from work that day, I joined my roommate in a yoga workout by doing the P90X Yoga video before heading out on my five-mile route that day. The next day, I felt a slight soreness in my legs, and started feeling a sharp pain beneath my right shoulder blade. As a little side activity (probably the result of watching so much Bones, I’ve decided to try and start learning the names of the muscles in my body as I feel the localized pain in them from my workouts. That Tuesday (04/29/2014), I was feeling a strain in my semitendinosus muscle in my hamstrings, and in my right latissimus dorsi.
Muscle Soreness Map - May 03, 2014
The soreness beneath my right shoulder blade wore off the following day. The soreness in my hamstrings, that persisted well into Saturday (05/03/2014) night. One of the arms on my eyeglasses fell off the frame on Wednesday, and being unable to go out on my run, I decided that I’d at least get some activity in by walking to my local drug store to pick up an eyeglass repair kit. However, I ended up putting on the wrong pair of shoes, and ended up with a blister on the bottom of my right foot. With all the training I’ve done on the running front, I’m not a stranger to the pain/inconvenience of blisters. Admittedly, I also stopped getting them regularly months ago. This one, though, had a certain specialness to it. Even though I’ve had blisters that have looked worse, this one hurt in a way none of the other ones I’ve had. Instead of the soft burning pain that usually comes from agitating the skin, I was getting a sharp stabbing pain at random, but unable to accurately pinpoint the manner in which my step/weight distribution was setting it off. It was highly reminiscent of that time in 2010 when I impaled my foot on a four inch nail sticking out of a sheet of wood in a friend’s backyard.

Comparing Two Different Foot Injuries
Two very different injuries and causes, yet they’ve shared a common pain sensation.

In addition to the physical injury/recoveries my body’s been dealing with this week, the weather hasn’t been a positively contributing factor. When you’re unable to keep making progress on your goals and the climate becomes so oppressively warm, it’s very easy to let a sense of futility overtake you and let you make bad nutritional choices. To call this week “indulgent” would be a gracious exaggeration (of mitigation) in my favor. I know I’ve gained weight, and I’m averse to stepping on the scale to see just how much. While I’m familiar enough with the cycle in regard to intellectual awareness to where I should be able to avoid these pitfalls much better than I did when I first started taking up running and know that logically my recovery times and endurance will improve with conditioning, I’m still prone to err in that regard.
If I had to identify make takeaways from this week, they’d be:

  • I need to better familiarize myself with my body so that I can better discern between legitimate consideration and lazy rationalization when I’m engaging in “downtime”.
  • The readiness and influence of my willpower when it comes to food choices — there’s always room for improvement.
  • Do better at keeping up with logging and updating.
  • Start working on a better plan to track & quantify nutritional intake.

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