This past Monday, I hit reset on the counter for the weight loss project. I took new starting measurements, and was pleasantly surprised at where I weighed in. When I go through prolonged stints without regular exercise, I feel like I gain more weight from what I eat than I actually do. I was expecting … Read more

Fattening Up in the Fire

I recently wrote that I’d settled on resetting the day counter on the weight loss project and recommit to the regular checkins to keep myself accountable and actively measure progress. I was raring and ready to go at the start of this week. I got caught up with personal errands on Monday, and decided I’d … Read more

Doin' Stuff

Last update I made while I was sick over the weekend promised a run and a measurement log on Sunday. That obviously didn't end up happening, even though I really wanted it to. After forcing myself out of bed and into the office on Monday morning, I found myself feeling decent enough to get something … Read more

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Gearing Up

The last time I meant to set out and achieve physical fitness, I wrote one big snapshot of a post at the time. Since I’m doing it incrementally, this post is going to focus on the tools I have at my disposal. Since then, I’ve added to my arsenal of workout equipment and tools, and … Read more