Over the past week and a half, I seemed to have hit a plateau with my weight loss efforts and have been bouncing around in the 196-200 lb range. I can’t even feign surprise, as I’m pretty certain I know exactly what the problem is. During the week, I do a pretty good job of keeping on top of myself to get in a workout and eat responsibly. However, when the weekend rolls around, I give myself “time off”, and I have a tendency to over-indulge on my non-working cheat days. One of Matthew Inman’s comics on the topic of running sums it up rather nicely:

The Oatmeal: Running Comic - The Feeding

This pretty much explains it – this is what happens to me on the weekends.

Eat smarter, and workout more & better. Feels like a tall order when you have a 5 mile route that you’re already hitting 3 to 4 time a week, but doesn’t change the fact that the occasion must still be risen to.