Smoking (as in “,Quitting”)

It’s bad for you. Common sense, right? Hard to believe that I’ve had this habit for almost 10 years now. The irony about this is that I used to be so vehemently opposed to smoking as child, to the point where I would insert toothpicks in the center of all of my Mom’s cigarettes in a vain effort to dissuade her from the habit. I first started smoking back in my high school days when I found out about the existence of Djarum clove cigarettes. I stuck with those delightful cylindrical flavor bombs until recently, when Obama signed a bill that rendered the sale of all flavored cigarettes (save menthol, of course) illegal. At the time, I figured that I would be force to drop the habit, since I never cared for the taste of normal cigarettes. Then, Chris introduced me to the menthol cigarette. It wasn’t nearly as good as my beloved cloves, but it wasn’t too terrible and it got the job done.

In part of my redefinition of my life, I had determined that I can’t continue with this habit. It’s both extremely detrimental to my health, and counterproductive to all of my goals. I downloaded the Livestrong quitting coach app for the iPhone a while back. However, I didn’t write or post about it, as doing so would legitimize a commitment to seeing it through. Now, it’s a must.


The app is not only very well designed and responsive, but also extensively featured considering it has a pretty streamlined and simple focus. It’s got a nice customizable motivational home screen, detailed tracking, and taking a page from Xbox Live, ACHIEVEMENTS! That’s right: quitting smoking is now like a game. A very fucking stressful and challenging game.

So, without further ado, my customized quitting plan:


<p>I’d say wish me luck, but I’ve got unshakable determination on my side.

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