Weight Loss Project: The Big 100

After migrating from a self-hosted installation back onto wp.com, I’ve been tied up in other affairs (justifiably so, not just another manifestation of the productivity myth) to hammer out an update. Though I haven’t been on-point about updating, I’ve definitely been sticking to the work behind it. Thanksgiving week was expectedly gluttonous, and I ended up gaining about 3 lbs back, according to the scale. I also think I was weighing in less than I should have, since I wasn’t eating much the week prior because of all the stress. Since then, I’ve been trying to work on my running, but winter makes it a real challenge to push myself out the door once I get home from work. By the time I get home from all the traffic, it’s already dark out and the sunlit hours of the day have been cold lately. Still, I’ve managed to do a decent job at keeping the running habit going, and even set a new best personal time for the 5+ mile route I do down to Balboa Park a few days ago.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about my logging process. I started writing about my fitness efforts as an accountability mechanism as well as a journal throughout the process. However, with all the social networks and fitness apps available on the mobile web, it’s so easy to outsource the logging to different services to where blogging about it feels redundant. While they all do a great job tracking activities and overall progress, they don’t provide the granularity that someone like myself who’s enamored with the idea of the quantified self would find sufficient. For that, manual logging is the tool for the job.
Going only by my weigh-ins on the digital scale was working fine for awhile, but the fluctuations in weight over Thanksgiving week made me realize how badly I need to get back to taking regular measurements. Though the fluctuations in weight were minor, the resulting physical sensation would have me believe otherwise (there’s more to be said on that, but I’ll save that for another post). So, here we go again:


Height 5’ 10”
Goal Weight 165
Day # 100
Date: 12/10/2013
Neck  16″
Chest 42″
Upper Arm (Left) 11.75″
Upper Arm (Right) 12.5″
Waist 36.5″
Abdomen 39.4″
Hips 40″
Upper Thigh (Left) 23″
Upper Thigh (Right) 23.75″
Calf (Left) 16″
Calf (Right) 16″
Total Inches 276.9
Total Inches Lost
Weight 199.9 lbs.
Weight Lost to Date
BMI 28.7
Change in BMI
Goal Distance 34.9 lbs.


Update: 12/15/2013 @ 10:27:20 PM

I just compared these numbers to the ones I posted back on Day 1 in September. This is why logging is important. The story the numbers tell is that I basically gained weight in September, and slowly started burning it off again throughout October and November to break even. However, my running times and stamina have started to gradually improve and are much better than they were back in September. Physically, I feel much better now than I did then as well. That being acknowledged, I clearly need to kick things up a couple notches.

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