The Final 20th

Yesterday morning, I woke up another year older. Twenty nine years now that I’ve been living the story of my life. Another year put behind me, and only one left before time expires on the third-decade deadline I’ve set for so many personal goals. I implemented a social media blackout to cut around a lot of the birthday noise, had a quiet day at the office, then went out to a small intimate low-fuss dinner with my friends. As much as I enjoyed last year’s fun-themed outing to Dave & Buster’s, this year’s surprise arrangements were far better aligned with my present preferences; I’m not yet at a point where I’ll allow myself to feel worth celebrating, still too much work to be done. 

This morning, I woke up calm, rested, and ready. Long have I contemplated and written about the need to take action. Today, armed with unshakable confidence and determination, begin those aggressive first steps.

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