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(Return of) Measurement Monday

As I wrote in yesterday’s update, I recently passed my “break even” point and started consistently recording new record low weights on my digital scale, which means there’s now actual progress to update on. Rather than inputting everything into a spreadsheet/HTML table like I usually do, I decided to give the bodytrack.it app a try and… Continue reading (Return of) Measurement Monday

Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Measurement Monday

STARTING POINT Stats Height 5’ 10” Goal Weight 160 Day # 1 Date: 03/21/2011 Measurements Neck 17.5 Upper Arm (Left) 13 Upper Arm (Right) 13.25 Chest 45.5 Diaphragm 45.5 Waist 44 Abdomen 46.5 Hips 44 Upper Thigh (Left) 25.5 Upper Thigh (Right) 25.5 Calf (Left) 16.75 Calf (Right) 16.75   Total Inches 353.75 Total Inches… Continue reading Towards a Thinner Tomorrow: Measurement Monday

Measurement Monday: The Start of a Diet & Exercise Shift

I am resurrecting a practice I once started to use awhile back that I called “Measurement Monday”. Now, I had already done this back in July right before I wiped all my accounts to a clean slate, so this might be redundant if the original post was read.  Now, As much as I’m excited and… Continue reading Measurement Monday: The Start of a Diet & Exercise Shift

Measure Monday: Reset

Stats Height 5’ 10” Goal Weight 165 Day # 1 Date: 05/19/2014 Measurements Neck  16.5″ Chest 41.25″ Upper Arm (Left) 12.25″ Upper Arm (Right) 12.25″ Waist 39″ Abdomen 39.5″ Hips 39.5″ Upper Thigh (Left) 23″ Upper Thigh (Right) 23.75″ Calf (Left) 16.75″ Calf (Right) 17″   Total Inches 280.75 Total Inches Lost – Weight 200.3… Continue reading Measure Monday: Reset

Regaining Momentum

Last month, physically, was a massive setback. Most of the first quarter of 2015 has been spent wrestling with light medical complications, stress eating, personal disinterest, and good old fashioned laziness. In the process of clawing my way out of the recent funk I’ve been in, I’ve been treating my workouts less like to-do list items… Continue reading Regaining Momentum

Shedding the Winter

In the time since my last post, I’ve been keeping myself busy mostly with work, personal studies, and getting back in form with my running. Between all the big meals over the holidays and the running days missed because of the cold and my insufficient willpower, my times, stamina, and even the drive to get… Continue reading Shedding the Winter

On Matters of Weight

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been missing my target “Measurement Monday” window to update the body stat tables and check in. Normally its something I give myself a lot of grief over, but out in real life, I’ve still been keeping up on “the work” and offline logging.   After spraining my ankle on… Continue reading On Matters of Weight

Return to Form

At this point, it’s been well over a month since the last time I posted an update. In the time since, I’ve meant to buckle down and post an entry many times, but I’ve been in a weird place this past month. It was not unlike those old behavioral loops I used to be prone… Continue reading Return to Form

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It happened as if to spite me: last week, I was back on track, made my progress update, and had a good & active remainder of the week. Saturday, I forced myself to walk over to Hillcrest and catch this year’s San Diego Gay Pride Parade for the first time in years, on account of… Continue reading Invalid-ated