I’m a man of many talents that’s always actively acquiring more. My goal is to use them as a means of self-sufficiency & success, and of helping others achieve the same.

Here, I mainly write about:

Weight Loss & Distance Running

I’ve been overweight throughout the majority of my life. At 18, I took control of my diet and worked out consistently enough to drop from 260 lbs to 210 lbs. But I got complacent over the years, and with the growing onset of mental/emotional health crises throughout my 20’s, the goal became ever more unreachable. I write about my journey in reclaiming and realization that aspiration in the hopes of motivating others in similar straits to do the same .

If a long-time obese smoker with negligible natural athleticism can make the change, so can you.

Mental/Spiritual Health

The circumstances and events of my upbringing left me entering adulthood with a broken mind and spirit. As the years passed, I maintained a functional and friendly outward persona while privately spiraling down depression and low self-esteem. For nearly a decade, I wrestled with those issues and the resulting crisis of identity that came to a head in 2012. I started writing public posts about these sensitive matters years ago to satisfy a need for there to be some way for those inner truths about myself to be known outside of my own head. These days, I reflectively write on them as a person who finally managed to conquer a 10-year private mental-emotional hell.

If what I write on these matters can help someone struggling with their own demons in any way, then its worth risking the implications of having these weaker past versions of myself continuously posted publicly on the web.