Stale Activity

It’s already been months since the last time I posted a blog update. Shortly after the prior one, the spring academic semester started. From that point, I’ve been tapped out spending all my bandwidth and focus on work, school, and my dog. Being up to my neck with those obligations, I’ve not had the time to brainstorm and draft posts, much less continue on getting the site formatting and layout dialed in to how I’d like it to be.

Yet in the back of my head, that self-decree that this year would be the make-or-break point of me counting to maintain a domain and make a habit of this socially outdated practice of blogging. So far, 2024 has held my fast to obligations and with a virtually nonexistent digital footprint across messaging and social media platforms.

While my objective self realizes the extenuating circumstances and spends a lot of time coaching me through the stints of stress and anxiety that come out of them, my ideal self demands that I find a way to optimize and do more—both here and the various other areas of life I’ve been leaving largely unattended.


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